letter to my students

The undergrads in my choral conducting class have their final exam today, so I wrote them an e-mail yesterday.

If you have any last minute questions, I’ll be on campus this afternoon, or you can always call or e-mail me.  In general, though, the work is done.  Getting up in front and waving your arms around is the smallest part of the work of conducting.  Preparation is what makes that work: crawl inside your score, get to know it deeply and thoroughly; use the information in the score to imagine the story and the emotional journey of the song; teach your body to make every gesture you want as clearly as you want.

Score.  Imagination.  Gesture.  

Have fun tomorrow,
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2 Responses to letter to my students

  1. karen says:

    Hey, Amelia,It's Karen Cooksey. We met years ago at the ACDA conducting competition. Saw your blog linked from Choralnet. How is everything going?Best,Karen

  2. Amelia NP says:

    Hey, lady! Long time no see. I'm good. Got married two years ago, then started the doctoral program. Did you see the article in April's Choral Journal? That's where the blog is coming from.How 'bout you?!

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