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Multiple Intelligence Monday 1: Introduction

I enjoy structure, so I’m creating a new format for summer: Multiple Intelligence Mondays!  I tried writing a single post about multiple intelligences, and it got crazy long.  So I need to break it up into weekly installments. For now: … Continue reading

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convenient controversy

Dr. Jordan called me yesterday, wanting to prevent my overreacting.   “Have you seen your new Choral Journal?” he asked. “Uh, not yet…” I admitted. “Well, don’t freak out.  There’s a letter to the editor about your article…” As if … Continue reading

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I have a metronome that cost $100.  I bought it in 2005, in the last semester of my master’s degree.  It’s a Seiko SQ 100-88 digital quartz metronome.  I bought it because it’s loud. I’m sure you all know what … Continue reading

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art and fun

What are they up to over at the NY Phil tonight?  I don’t really know.  Ligeti and singers and staging, oh my.  It’s so fun that Alan Gilbert is this excited about his programming.

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cartoon conducting, the first of what I suspect will be a series

Just as conductors appear in commercials and movies, they make appearances in cartoons.  A lot of appearances in cartoons. For an easy synopsis of how a conductor should appear in a cartoon, Bruce Blitz says he should be a determined … Continue reading

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Gustavo Dudamel has been on t.v. and in the news lately, having just begun at the L.A. Philharmonic, which is a pretty good gig.  People are amazed–this man doesn’t look like a conductor!  He’s not white or old and his … Continue reading

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There is a culture of devotion to ensemble music-making.  Band geeks, choir kids, community choir singers who devote hours to fundraising.  I write about it in the “Thoughtful Gestures” article, how entrainment unites ensembles into passionate, powerful bodies.  But there’s … Continue reading

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