tax deductible massages

It’s Mother’s Day, and one of the many things my mother taught me was to do my own taxes, and–if I itemize–to deduct professional expenses.  Thanks, Mom!

Making music as a conductor, singer, or instrumentalist, is inescapably physical.  After I started having neck/shoulder pain that interfered with my work, a massage therapist who happens to sing in my community choir suggested that a massage might help me.  Boy, was she right.  I’m working on Alexander Technique and yoga and Tai Chi in hopes that I can learn to use my body as efficiently as possible so that I don’t build up to the the kind of tension and pain that is possible; but, my lifestyle of doctoral-student-with-multiple-jobs isn’t conducive to the kind of holistic realignment I really need.  So I get a massage every four to six months, just to straighten me out.  It makes all the difference in the world.  

I find that massage provides physical improvements as well as psychological ones.  The muscles get untightened to free up my gesture, and my mind gets a chance to detox as well.  I just had a massage on Thursday, and my church choir can attest to the difference it makes.  Last week, I was a grump (which I almost never am!) and this week I was just about back to normal.  They put up with me last week, thankfully, but they really do sing better when I can be in a worshipful place with them.  The end of the semester at school helps with that, too, but I can tell you that the massage, and the fact that I took time for it, put my brain back into more regular rhythm.

I haven’t had the gumption to claim massages as a professional expenses on my taxes, but honestly, I couldn’t do my work nearly so well without them.  
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