cartoon conducting, the first of what I suspect will be a series

Just as conductors appear in commercials and movies, they make appearances in cartoons.  A lot of appearances in cartoons.

For an easy synopsis of how a conductor should appear in a cartoon, Bruce Blitz says he should be a determined mad professor with a baton:

Sesame Street knows they have to make each character very clear, so they adhere strictly to those guidelines.

Tex Avery agrees that the hair, the tuxedo, and the baton are the most important attributes to identify a conductor, as you can see at 1:58 below.  Then at 5:53 the singer sees that the hair has gone missing and therefore recognizes the conductor to be a fraud.  In between is three minutes of alternately very funny spoofs and indefensible racial stereotyping.  Enjoy.

Elmer Fudd has a slightly less kempt approach.

I was raised on Bugs Bunny, so I’m not saying he’s not funny, but this is not his best moment.  Poor guy thinks he’s supposed to conduct every note.

“In the name of dignity and art, put yourselves in a receptive frame of mind.”

And, finally, apropos of nothing except that the animal orchestra reminded me of it, a hippo singing:

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