Multiple Intelligence Monday 2: Visual-Spatial


Visual-spatial skills have been linked to sight-reading ability in orchestra musicians.  Before I read this particular research, I already knew that my husband is an amazing sight-reader and he can pack more in the back of the Forrester than I could ever imagine possible.  And after I read the research, I wondered if my really quite mediocre visual-spatial aptitude and really quite mediocre sight-reading skills are related.

We’re thinking of buying an elliptical machine.  Would it fit in the back of the car?  I have no idea!

Clearly, the awareness of the page, and the ability to sort out what’s on it, is an important ability for a conductor.  I’m not so good at these as my husband, and my training is primarily choral, so I have a dickens of a time working with instrumental scores.  Visually, the page is so big, there’s so much on it, and it’s spread out so far, that I just have to spend a lot of time before I’m able to wrap my ears around it.  

And this brings me to the point I will make with all the multiple intelligence posts, and which I will also be making tomorrow: knowing one’s weaknesses allows a conductor to compensate for them.  And how do I compensate for my total lack of a knack for seeing the page?  


I spend so much time with my score that I don’t really even have to look at it to know what’s on it.  I know the music so well that the notes on the page are just reminders of the sound in my head rather than instanty instructions of what the sound should be–which is, I understand, how really good readers see music.  

Preparation.  More on it Thursday.
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