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Multiple Intelligence Monday 8: Intrapersonal

Intrapersonal intelligence relates to one’s understanding of oneself. ¬†All human beings everywhere benefit from this, of course, but I think leaders, in particular, have a responsibility to develop this strength. I wrote about Resonant Leadership a while back, and I … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligence Monday 7: Interpersonal

Interpersonal intelligence is the capacity to sense the feelings of others and respond appropriately.  Of course conductors need this.  We work with people!  We are the leaders of a little community, making music together as a team.  The better we … Continue reading

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I sing the body electric

I love Walt Whitman.  Maybe it’s the clarity and eloquence that convince me, but the content of his writing rings absolutely true to me.  So I’m going to fall back on him today. O my Body! I dare not desert … Continue reading

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bland ambition

I’m postponing Multiple-Intelligence Monday so I can write about this article from yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer. I have mentioned before that I was born and raised in Delaware, which made Philadelphia my home city.  Doing my master’s at Westminster just reinforced … Continue reading

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tai chi 2

When I wrote the interest session proposal, this is the first paragraph of the session description: Conducting and Tai Chi both use energy and intention to produce gesture that is complex, beautiful, and meaningful.  In master practitioners, the purposefulness of each … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligence Monday 6: Musical

Musical-rhythmic Musical intelligence can refer to rhythmic or pitch-related abilities, but there is no “music” center of the brain the way that language does.  Music is a whole-brain function, which makes musical intelligence complicated.  When you sing, for example, your … Continue reading

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I believe I can fly.

Monday was Multiple Intelligence Monday: Kinesthetic.  I would like to revisit that topic for several reasons. To show off a bit. To demonstrate the power of kinesthetic intelligence.  To reconnect the whole “meaning” thing in which I claim that a … Continue reading

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