Multiple Intelligence Monday 8: Intrapersonal

Intrapersonal intelligence relates to one’s understanding of oneself.  All human beings everywhere benefit from this, of course, but I think leaders, in particular, have a responsibility to develop this strength.

I wrote about Resonant Leadership a while back, and I didn’t discuss this part of it.  Resonance results from a leader’s emotional intelligence, both interpersonal and intrapersonal.  Who knows exactly what the recipe is for a great leader–the balance between giving of oneself and expecting others to give, taking action and delegating wisely, forging the path and following it–but the ability to see oneself clearly is priceless.  Understanding how others see you is essential for conductors to communicate effectively.

Beyond that, as I suggested last week, the capacity to recognize strengths and weaknesses is important, too.  Maybe rough intuition can lead you to using your strengths and accommodating your weaknesses, but actual examination and conscious acknowledgement has got to the be the more effective way to go.   And I’m gonna call that a facet of intrapersonal intelligence.

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2 Responses to Multiple Intelligence Monday 8: Intrapersonal

  1. Allegra says:

    I like how you say it is a responsibility and not a precondition for leaders. B/c I feel like a lot of successful politicians lack this capacity (at least judging from what I see in the tabloids.)

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