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Are conductors really necessary?

Props to my friend from Westminster, Lee, who posted this article on Facebook. In the L.A. Times last week, “Are Conductors Really Necessary?” The real question is “what does a conductor do?”  Because once you know what we do, you … Continue reading

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seventh inning stretch

My husband is a guy’s guy, an avid sports fan.  We’ve been together ten years, and I had no sports loyalties before meeting him, so that makes his teams my teams.  His teams are New England teams–Boston teams–as well as … Continue reading

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There’s a name for this. Who knew?

After about 800 C.E., Medievals began writing music down to make it easier to remember.  Around 1020ish, Guido of Arezzo used a staff and described the scales as working like hexachords. The point is, you can do a thing for … Continue reading

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in favor of brainwashing

When I presented my “Thoughtful Gestures” paper to the emotion interest group on campus at UConn, we ended up joking (sort of) that singing in a choir could result in brainwashing.  If, as Dr. Buck surmises, empathy is a function … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligence Monday: the equity of genius

I’ve written about the ten thousand hour rule and referred to it to make the point that preparation is the most important work of a conductor. So my sister posted on my Facebook wall a link to this Radiolab story … Continue reading

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in it for the…

Here’s a news story I never expected to see: Donald Nally quit as chorus master of a Chicago opera company to focus on his professional choir in Philadelphia. Donald Nally is well-known for a choral conductor, I think.  I know … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligence Monday 9: Existential?

“Existential” is not one of the original seven intelligences I learned in my educational psychology class, but it’s on Wikipedia, so I thought about it, and decided to include it here.  At first I thought philosophical, analytical intelligence isn’t its … Continue reading

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