in it for the…

Here’s a news story I never expected to see: Donald Nally quit as chorus master of a Chicago opera company to focus on his professional choir in Philadelphia.

Donald Nally is well-known for a choral conductor, I think.  I know of him, which is something.  Of course, he’s a fellow Westminster grad, so there’s that connection that makes me more likely to know who he is than otherwise.  But he was at Spoleto a long time, which is fairly high-profile in the arts world.  Well, it’s hard to say who is well-known in an esoteric field like this, but I think if anyone is well-known, you can say Donald Nally is.

Okay.  The point they made in the article is that he’s leaving a secure position to pursue something he enjoys and/or cares about more, which is his own thing.  And it made the news.  But actually, it’s just a continuation of a much longer story…

1978 NEWS: Donald Nally, a promising high school student who is good at lots of things, has decided to go into music.  Despite his knowledge that being an artist doesn’t pay so well as engineering, Nally thinks being a conductor will be “fun,” saying, “I think it’s my passion.”

{Note: the above is fiction.  But likely, don’t you think?}

I mean, honestly.  Adults are getting laid off because of the economy–some from jobs they love, some from jobs they just had so they could pay the bills.  Twenty-somethings are finishing college and trying to find employment in something related to their expensive education.  Teenagers are looking at colleges and trying to decide what kind of school to go to, what to major in, what their lives should be.  Lots of people are deciding what to do next.  Donald Nally quit a job, but he’s making the same decision all other men make: what to do with the time we are given.

And the decision he made was he’s in it for the love, the fun.  The money doesn’t matter nearly so much when your work is a pleasure.

Smart man.

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