Are conductors really necessary?

Props to my friend from Westminster, Lee, who posted this article on Facebook.

In the L.A. Times last week, “Are Conductors Really Necessary?”

The real question is “what does a conductor do?”  Because once you know what we do, you know how necessary we are.

And this is one of the best articles I’ve read by a non-conductor writing about conducting.  He mostly quotes conductors–good conductors.  Though I don’t 100% agree with every word (Colin Davis hesitates to credit “charisma,” which I think comes from a misunderstanding of it: it is not, as he seems to suggest, superficial gloss, but rather the result of powerful intention which compels others to follow), this article really does capture the ideas I’ve been writing about all these months (Colin Davis also says “technique, musicality, and psychology,” which is quite thorough, though I would replace musicality with artistry.).

So.  Good article.  Well done, Rick Schulz.

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