tai chi and tea

One of the benefits of Tai Chi is stress relief.

It must be said that stress relief is more of a choice than anything else.  Stress doesn’t just get relieved; it’s up to the stressed-out person to choose relief.

It’s like a choice between fettuccine Alfredo and a cup of tea.

The fettuccine is going to fill you up, and it smells warm and creamy and tastes like heaven wrapped around a fork.  But it’s heavy and going to clot in your stomach.

A cup of tea is light, and less appealing on the surface or from a distance, but full of antioxidants and devoid of calories.  It will hydrate and refresh you, though it isn’t a substitute for food.

A lot of people who become conductors are drawn to control, to decision-making, to leadership.  Responsibility is as appealing to us as fettuccine Alfredo, just as satisfying, and just as artery-clogging.

So I choose Tai Chi.  I say “no, thanks” to the fragrant plate of cheese and pasta for a little while, and savor the alternate kind of warmth available from a clear, fragrant cup of tea.  I can’t live on it, but it’s a choice that sustains me better than a constant glut of creamy, starchy work.

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