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You’re welcome.

Now the internet is complete.  You can officially find everything online. Here is the last piece of the puzzle, the only thing missing from the internet until now (as far as I know): the full copy-and-pasteable text, in Russian, of Rachmaninoff’s Three … Continue reading

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facial expression

I get the choralnet Daily update in my e-mail every morning.  This morning there was a link to an old Choral Journal article–they call it CJ Replay–about adjudication, called “Adjudication: Some Thing to Think About.”  Despite the title’s dangling participle, … Continue reading

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I’m reading about patronage of orchestras in preparation for a study session.  This was in “The Birth of a Symphony Orchestra,” by John K. Sherman in Minnesota History, Vol. 33, No. 3, Autumn 1952: A huge cluster of chrysanthemums, an exclamatory blob … Continue reading

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stuff I didn’t have time to say

The MMEA session went pretty well yesterday, and I personally enjoyed doing all the anti-stress activities.  It’s rare I get to lead something that doesn’t drain me at least a little, but this was a real pleasure! But there’s never … Continue reading

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