The following are the acknowledgements from my dissertation. Probably no one will ever read them in the red binding on the shelf of UConn’s library. Sad. But then I realized I can put them here for all the world!

So, for the record:

I am glad to acknowledge the contributions of teachers, colleagues, and friends who made this work possible—particularly Dr. Richard Bass, for his practicality, thoughtfulness, diligence, and integrity as an advisor and teacher.

The Connecticut Yankee Chorale served fearlessly as a lab choir for the edition, proofreading my transliteration and shaping its final form with their insight and care.

All my graphic design and technology issues related to editing the score were solved by Richard Stevens III, a robot among men. Emily Nagoski’s help was less tangible but equally robotic, and I thank the pair of them for letting/making me work in their spare room.

My patient, generous, steadfast, kind, dashing husband, Mahlon Peterson, makes it possible for me to do work I love. This dissertation, like everything I accomplish and the best that I ever am, is thanks to him.

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