I told my new students to google me

In case any of them actually choose to do so, and they find the blog, I thought I should say something relevant.

First: Hello!  It’s nice to meet you.  I’m excited to start working with you!

Second: In response to some of the input I got tonight, I feel like I should say that I’m really interested in how performers make a song their own, how they communicate the composer’s expressive intent.  It is my view that this is possible to do with high quality repertoire in any genre–classical, traditional, and popular.  And I know popular music connects very quickly with lots of people, so I’m very much in favor of performing it!

Third: If you’re really interested in some details, maybe search “embodiment,” “the rules,” or “programming.”

Or, for more a more educational look into my weird life, check out my sister’s blog, thedirtynormal.com.  🙂

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