I approve

I approve of this.

(Thanks, Tim, for posting it on FB.)

It says of Esa-Pekka Salonen, “his career took off when he stood in at the last minute for a sick conductor when he was just 25.”  He says, “I was highly suspicious of conductors, they seemed to be attention grabbing people who looked kind of disgusting with their combed hair and unreal clothes. But when I started, it was something that came quite naturally to me and I discovered that I rather enjoyed it.  So it wasn’t a childhood dream that finally became a reality, it was more like going with the flow and lots of seemingly random events.”

This is how a lot of conductors start their careers.  Mine was a childhood dream.  And then I did all the other stuff he says.  He’s totally right about all of it.  And also there are the rules.

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