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If you can talk

Oooh, a study that examines vocal health in amateur choral singers! The most common conversation about vocal health I have with young and amateur singers is when they are sick or stressed, and it hurts them to sing. They … Continue reading

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My perspective is informed by the art I make, the books I’ve read, the therapy I’ve done, and the science I’ve learned. It seems to me that the good stuff all says the same thing: the things that stave off … Continue reading

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Ka hia manu

One of the chapters I wrote for Teaching Music Through Performance in Choir was about “Ka Hia Manu” by Stephen Hatfield. I genuinely think this is a fabulous song with tremendous educational value, but before I talk specifically about that, I want … Continue reading

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a little knowledge

I’ve heard this story from lots of people: “I loved to sing when I was a kid, but then Some Authority Figure told me I wasn’t any good and I shouldn’t bother.” Mostly I hear this from people over 50 … Continue reading

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not writing this

I’m writing a thing that describes my relationship with conducting as a long term love affair, and I will NOT be including a section that goes: It was in grad school that I discovered Conducting was into dudes. I looked … Continue reading

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