Four people posted this to my Facebook wall

Four people posted this collage of women conductors to my Facebook wall

I’m quite proud that I’m the outspoken feminist conductor people think of and with whom they are pleased to share feminist conductor things. It was put together by the Classic FM’s social media gurus, reblogged by Mighty Girl. And posted to my wall by four lovely people. Still, I hate to think I’m the ONLY woman conductor they know to share this with!

I don’t really have any interpretation to add to the picture itself. I do note that most of these are the pictures that come up on the first page of a Google Image search for “woman conductor.” But, hey! Let’s keep chipping away at that implicit association between middle aged white men and conductors. By all means, keep posting this on people’s Facebook walls! Post it on a teenager’s wall, on a college student’s wall, on the wall of a friend who is a musician but has never performed under a woman conductor. Post it on your band director’s wall. Post it on your choir director’s wall. Post it on your organization’s FB page. Plaster all of Facebook wall to wall with images of women performing as artists, authorities, experts, leaders.

It can only do good.


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