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feminists are wrong about vocal fry

I’ve been blogging about music for well over five years now, and never done a video blog, but I wanted to say this in my actual voice. So here it is. If you don’t want to watch the video, you … Continue reading

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Using What You’ve Got

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be presenting a session at the Massachusetts ACDA summer conference called “Using What You’ve Got: No-Budget, Non-SATB Repertoire Solutions.” I’ll be presenting this session again at the CT ACDA next month, too. So, for the reference of … Continue reading

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emotion triad

It’s hard to talk about emotions. I don’t mean personally, I just mean that the concept, scientifically, is big and complicated, and human understanding of how emotions work is constantly evolving. But there is a thing that seems consistent among … Continue reading

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bird by bird

I’m writing a thing, so my sister, by the authority vested in her as a New York Times bestselling author, is giving me books about writing. It’s very helpful and mostly pretty entertaining. There’s a trend in all these books written by … Continue reading

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Dear Boston Symphony Orchestra

I’m looking for performances to take my college students to. I would like them to have an eye-opening experience attending a live performance, and to learn something about music, something about who musicians are, and to get the sense of … Continue reading

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