Dear Boston Symphony Orchestra

I’m looking for performances to take my college students to. I would like them to have an eye-opening experience attending a live performance, and to learn something about music, something about who musicians are, and to get the sense of forward-thinking diversity in classical music.

To that end, I looked through your season for possibilities.

You programmed an entire season of performances of music with ZERO repertoire by women composers conducted by ZERO women.

That makes you like most orchestras, so thumbs down for maintaining the status quo when you could very easily take even just one tiny step toward progress by including just one woman somewhere!

But what really pisses me off is that you have a concert featuring Barabara Hannigan as a soprano soloist, but the PR for that concert features a photograph of her conducting. You can’t tell me that’s the picture she sent you, because right below the picture of her conducting is a standard headshot.

You chose to put the picture of her conducting on your webpage, because it’s beautiful and dynamic and attractive. It’ll probably get more clicks. Because people would love  to see a woman conductor.

It’s a shame you won’t actually have any.

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