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do I sound…

A while back, I supported the Kickstarter campaign for a movie called Do I Sound Gay, in which writer David Thorpe explores how his voice works, how speech patterns are learned, and the relationship between sexuality and voices. Awesome, right? It … Continue reading

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letter to the editor version

Brilliant Facebookers suggested I actually write a letter to the editor of Choral Journal rather than just venting my gall into the internet void. Good idea! Dear Ms. Bumgarner: I was glad to see Josh Palkki’s thoughtful and sensitive article about issues … Continue reading

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gender trouble

This month’s Choral Journal has a cover story on “Gender Trouble [insert Amelia’s excited squee that CJ will be addressing gender disparity!]: Males, Adolescence, and Masculinity in the Choral Context” by Joshua Palkki [insert inevitable disappointment that the gender with trouble … Continue reading

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Song to the Dark Virgin

My ensembles all enjoy variety. I am careful to balance my programs with popular, classical, and folk genres. I look for music from a variety of historical eras from the thousand years of notated classical music available to us. I … Continue reading

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women composers

I saw this on my FB feed and ignored it: “There’s a good reason why there are no great female composers.” Really? Come on. I have a policy against following any obvious click-bait. This is clearly designed to be divisive … Continue reading

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