unlikeliest use for conducting training ever

As I’ve written before, I’m selling my house. Beyond the inescapable feeling of metaphor, the things I’ve learned in my conducting training came in stupidly handy in the process.

Apparently buyers really like walk-through videos. And guess what? I learned how to edit videos when I was teaching conducting — recording class, editing the video into chunks by student, posting them online. Also, when applying for jobs, conductors have to have videos of rehearsals and performances. Guess who edits those? We academic types can’t afford to pay a video editor.

And also, I happened to have composed some digital music a few years ago when my sister wanted to know what kind of thing was possible for generic background music. So I could overlay copyright legal, vaguely happy music over pictures of my house.

Yeah. Everything about the video is made possible by high order training in conducting. It’s probably the silliest thing I’ve ever accomplished using these skills.

So, with a snort and an eyeroll, I present to you: a conductor walks through her house:

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