another conductor commercial

There are two commercials for the GMC Acadia that include conductors. One is a quick shot and pan away of your standard white dude in a tux. The other is about the conductor. I couldn’t find a video, sorry. But it goes like this:

Shot of baton tapping on podium [real conductors do not do this; ensembles find it infuriating]

Voice over: “There are conductors…”

Shot of young black man in a fabulous suit sans tie giving prep. [upbeat… staying up… no downbeat… real conductors do not do this; ensembles find it infuriating]

“And then there are maestros.”

Shot of red SUV driving through tunnel. Cut to smiling, fair-skinned, racially ambiguous couple in car. Man driving, woman in passenger seat.

“He leads with confidence, exactness, inspiration.”

Cutting back and forth between shots of the conductor giving emphatic downbeats (his shoulders are tight, he leans his whole body forward instead of allowing the weight to fall just from his hands, but he is definitely not flailing), the truck driving through scenic places, an Asian woman playing violin, the couple enjoying their drive, an overhead view of the orchestra. Various puns on performance and ovation and whatnot.

Not too bad. Not a jerk who flails. Not even your typical middle aged white dude. I was actually excited when I saw the conductor was black. Progress!

Of course, it’s eye-rollingly heavy handed that there are two men and two women in the commercial, and both men are in charge and both women are just along for the ride. We get it, GMC: men are in charge. No need to hit us over the head with it.

The “confidence, exactness, inspiration” line is pretty good. Better than your average conductor commercial.

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