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choral v. instrumental

This is another post in response to a question my conducting students had. They wanted to know the differences between choral and instrumental conducting. I explained in class that there is some controversy over this subject, and that there are … Continue reading

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I love this time of year, because it’s new repertoire time. Learning new music for next season, and actual time to do it! Learning new repertoire is a lot like meeting and learning about new people. You meet a stranger, … Continue reading

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training and artistry revisited… again

This article from a couple of years ago made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter recently. “Conductor or automaton?” I was painting my house, so I didn’t get around to writing the response that was burning a hole in my … Continue reading

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unlikeliest use for conducting training ever

As I’ve written before, I’m selling my house. Beyond the inescapable feeling of metaphor, the things I’ve learned in my conducting training came in stupidly handy in the process. Apparently buyers really like walk-through videos. And guess what? I learned … Continue reading

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There are lots of important things to say about Beyonce’s short film, Lemonade. I’m not the right person to say most of them. But I watched it, mesmerized, barely moving, from beginning to bed. And I can’t get it out of … Continue reading

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more rules: preparation

I’m teaching a one-on-one conducting class this semester. My conducting teaching in the past has been with classes of music majors who are required to take the class and have generally standard musical preparation, but mixed degrees of interest in … Continue reading

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I conducted the Stravinsky Four Russian Peasant Songs again this season. I conducted them on my master’s recital in 2005, and edited them for GIA the following year. I haven’t looked at them in almost ten years, and coming back to them … Continue reading

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